Ruffle Cake Pop Tutorial

What you will need:
  • Finished cake pop, stick up
  • Fondant or candy clay (whichever works better for you)
  • Fondant roller or rolling pin
  • Food coloring
  • Clear vanilla extract
  • Small brush
  • Ball tool or ruffling tool
  • Knife
  • Medium Circle cutter
  • Wax paper
  1. Start with plain dry cake pops, stick side up as pictured. I like to dip and then place wet cake pop on a melt to ensure a solid, level bottomed cake pop.
  2. Color your fondant according to your preferred color scheme. You can use any kind of food coloring but start with a little drop and add until you reach your desired color. Keep in mind that if you are doing an ombré effect, you will need 5-6 different shades of your color starting with the darkest color and ending with the lightest. For tutorial purposes, I used my fave color…PINK! Using a fondant roller or rolling pin, roll out your fondant onto a piece of wax paper. Sprinkle a little cornstarch on your rolling pin and the fondant if it sticks a little. Cut your rolled out fondant into approximately 5 inch strips. You will need about 6 strips per cake pop. Each strip should be about a quarter of an inch wide
  3. Using a ball tool, take each layer and gently ‘ruffle’ one side of the strip using a slow, rolling motion. You can also use a ruffling tool if want a more organic look. I like mine to look more shabby chic so the more imperfect the better.
  4. Using your circle cutter, cut out several circles and use the same ruffling technique on the edges and set circles aside for later
  5. You are now ready to start placing your ruffles on the cake pop. Starting at the bottom (flat part) of the cake pop, use your small brush to dab a very small amount of clear vanilla extract around the cake pop where you are placing your first ruffle. Take one strip of ruffled fondant and wrap it around the very bottom of the cake pop covering the melt or flat part of the cake pop. The vanilla extract will adhere it to the cake pop. If you have excess fondant once the two ends meet, you can easily pinch it off and remove. Gradually place each of the following layers using the same method of lightly brushing extract and wrapping the fondant strip around the cake pop until you reach your last layer…

*NOTE* Make sure you start each ruffle layer at the same place each time so that your “seam” can be placed in the back of the cake pop for display